Your own help desk for customer service, support tickets and enquiries that’s comparable to Zendesk


If you intend to enter the market with the holiday sales season, feel free to go ahead. Give your best. Unfortunately, if you are unable to extract massive profits, don’t worry. You have a whole year to overcome the struggles you have endured, and make a comeback in the next holiday sales season stronger than ever.
Working from home may sound like a new concept, but it is not. Many software engineers have been working remotely since long ago. Thanks to technological advancements, it enables these engineers to track anyone regardless of where they are and run processes online without going to the office. .


If you’re a copy writer or really good at writing content then you should be selling ‘content templates’.
Zapier is a best-in-class process automation software for busy teams. Connect more than 1,500 of your favorite business apps and tools so you can focus on your most important work. Zapier automatically moves necessary information between applications with a central command. Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks—automate them—so you can do more of the work you love.


There’s a product setup wizard that guides you through the 11 steps of creating a sales funnel.
AdEspresso integrates with Hootsuite – with both tools you can manage your social ad campaigns inside the Hootsuite dashboard to make sure your marketing efforts are streamlined.


“During the shutdown, a friend started a ‘cookbook collector’s challenge’ Facebook group,” AnnieH writes. “The challenge was to cook one new recipe from every cookbook you own. In my case it sometimes meant cooking for the first time out of a book I’d picked up at a used book sale and sometimes struggling to find a recipe I’d never tried in an old favorite. A few were duds, but some have become new favorites. It was great fun. I only had about 25 cookbooks. The friend had almost 100, but she still finished the challenge in the first six months.”














This is extremely important as people can’t SEE digital products since they’re not tangible.

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    Cloudways has identified a few potentially profitable product ideas. These include: personal safety equipment, kitchen and dining mats, face masks, baby rompers, smartwatches, and enamel pins.

    It is not just enough to design a website; certain web development steps must be taken to ensure that created websites remain high-performing sites and have a brilliant user experience. Some of these steps include: Map out a plan for your website to convert customers: Carefully plan each page to make sure that you properly highlight to customers their opportunity to benefit from your business. Each page should be designed to understand their needs and provide those needs through interactive tools like a ‘call to action’ – a prompt on a website that the client uses to take some specified action e.g., sign up “buy now” “log in” “add to,” and “contact us”. Remove distraction: Humans, on average, have an 8-second attention span. To keep the attention of users, simple, easy to understand and uncluttered colors, iconography, logo, fonts, styles, should be used in order to avoid visual confusion which can distract them from the message you are trying to pass across. Intro video Overview of your store products Product features Reviews/testimonials/success stories Contents – What are the different types of products in your store? – How do you measure success for each of your product categories? About the company of your e-commerce store: Most businesses have their own page of information that should be included on their website. The primary purpose of this is to provide people with an overview and understanding of the company, its operations, and objectives. There are other reasons why about us pages are necessary for business marketing as well.
    Profitable niches, on the other hand, are associated with more expensive products, don’t evoke brand loyalty, are growing in popularity, and have customer longevity.

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    GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, GrooveMail and GrooveBlog etc and more!

    The tech industry was an early adopter of work from home. Many employees would do it at least once or twice a week and 19% worked remotely all of the time. However, the pandemic propelled this even further and more people became used to working remotely 100% of the time. After releasing the amount of time and money you save, many developers don’t want to go back to work every day.
    You can also use any of the best business plan tools to create a customized one based on your input.

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    This Tutorial Shows how to fix issues with negative margin, pixel heights and widths and other overall spacing and sizing issues. In this tutorial I am working through some issues one of my Groove Mastery students had with a template he imported. I go over some of the biggest mistakes people make when working in […]
    Then you would know that sales funnels increase conversion rates and drive sales.

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    What could be better: The chatbot feature is script-based and not powered by AI or ML.

    Todoist can be used to create to-do lists to organize all of the projects and tasks you’re juggling. Plus, users can quickly and easily add tasks to your calendar so you can focus on getting things done. For teams, Todoist also offers collaborative tools that allow you to delegate tasks, discuss projects, and track project progress from a smartwatch, mobile device, or computer.
    Groove immediately sets you up with an Affiliate account the minute you sign up for the free lifetime account and you can immediately start promoting the tools.

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Getting in front of a pre-qualified list from a person who has a similar audience, i.e., guest blogging.


Case Study: Elias Music is a music agency founded by Grammy-nominated musician Jonathan Elias. ProProfs Chat enabled them to set up 24×7 live chat support on their website to instantly communicate with music fans.


You can use different tools to check if a domain name is available but before proceeding, you also need to ensure that:

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