WordPress is easy to use, however, like anything you do for the first time, it does come with a learning curve. My step by step WordPress tutorials will help.


What we liked: You can organize your email subscribers with Tags to send them targeted emails.
No kidding. The National League Wild Card race has been tightening. On Tuesday, Snell pitched the Padres to some breathing room. San Diego picked up a game on Milwaukee and Philadelphia (and, of course, San Francisco), its closest competition for the final postseason places. .


I’m not going to list them, I just want to make sure that you know what’s available. You get every single feature. You also will never have to make any more payments as well.
As stated before, this is easily the most important part of your page. It’s the equivalent of the subject line of an email, so it’s important to get it right. Even if everything on your page is great, but your headline is weak, your conversion rate will be virtually non-existent.


You have everything you need in GrooveFunnels to run your entire operation profitably.
Evernote makes it simple to create notes and categorize task into project-specific notebooks. You can even scan in paper docs to make keeping track of project documents a breeze.


If you like to use your own domain URL instead of their subdomain, you can do that too.














Drag in pre-built blocks for whole sections or combine with over 63 customizable elements to effortlessly create your website.

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    While SEO is one of the best marketing strategies, it is a long-term strategy that can take weeks, even months to start seeing results. For more immediate exposure, and if you have the budget, Google Ads is the way to go. Google Ads ads show up at the very top of search engine results pages, above organic and local listings. And of the search engines available, Google is by far the most popular not only because they control the largest share of search engine traffic, but also because of its high level of flexibility, ad building features, and detailed performance metrics.

    If you intend to develop a book, gadget, tools, software, game, or service for which you can show a prototype or minimal viable product (MVP), an excellent way to validate demand is to put it on a crowdfunding platform where people can show their support for a particular idea.
    And with few legal barriers, employers who turn to this software during the pandemic may choose to keep using it even after work-from-home orders are lifted, he said.

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    And how does it work? Remote employees plug a Minim-enabled router to their home gateway. Then they connect their devices to a new network, co-managed by their employer. The platform also allows you to remotely test device signal strength and speed.

    Before announcing work from home, establish an effective communication method, such as Telegram, Skype, email, etc. that best suits your requirements.
    This is where A/B testing comes to the rescue. With A/B testing you change parts of your website and measure the effect on your traffic and conversions.

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    Note: Earlier launch, GrooveFunnels has offered to purchase GroovePages Pro stand alone separate offers but as of now they only come under GrooveFunnels upgrade!

    This is a no brainer, but I had to add it. That is, unless you’re trying to look dodgy and unprofessional.
    Systemize your business to create a smooth customer experience. Take immediate action on purchases, refunds, subscriptions, form fills, abandoned carts, specific email link clicks and so much more.

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    Plus they have in-built apps that you would normally have to purchase separately on Shopify so you’re saving more money in terms of monthly app subscriptions.

    Since working from home cuts you off from other people, it might get lonely sometimes.
    In fact, while 50% of businesses fail within the first five years, you can significantly minimize this risk with the right business model.

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You can configure count down timers to different time zones and have redirect to a certain page, URL and loop the count down timer again.


Consistent opt-ins to your email list is a non-negotiable aspect of building an online business. Use these tools to get people to join your list and become part of your tribe. Leadpages. In the past we’ve used Leadpages to build landing pages for our sites. There’s a couple of quirks with it, but if you need a landing page that will integrate with a bunch of different tools, Leadpages will work well. Unbounce. A Leadpages competitor you should be aware of. We’ve used them sparingly in the past. They’ve focused on tracking ad spend ROI, so if you’re in that world, give them a shot. ThriveLeads. This is what we use for the opt-in forms on our brands’ sites. They have a huge suite of products that are helpful branding tools. Buzzsumo. A good way to find influencers in your niche to reach out to for guest posting or interviews. Sumo. This tool is a great WordPress plug-in to capture leads and convert them into email list subscribers or social media fans. CrazyEgg. A visual tool to help you see where and how traffic interacts with your website. Moo. Of all the business card companies out there, Moo is my favorite. Not the cheapest, but they create quality printed business material. Etsy. We used Etsy to get our office signs made. There’s a lot of options for this, but Etsy connects you with smaller vendors who do a great job. GotoWebinar. We’ve gone back and forth with GotoWebinar. It’s an expensive solution, but almost always works. When you use webinars to generate revenue, sometimes that’s a worthwhile trade-off. WebinarJam. We’ve tried this one, and like it. A cheaper alternative to GTW. Slack. Our internal team communication preference. Buzzstream. A great tool for influencer outreach. Zoom. We use this for internal team calls and video calls with clients. Uberconference. If we need to record a conference call, this is our preferred (and FREE) solution. Soapbox. An awesome Chrome plugin from Wistia for creating screen capture videos. This is especially useful for making visual processes for your team. Fiverr. If you don’t have the funds to hire a graphic designer, Fiverr can be a good solution. Make sure the designs don’t infringe on other artists’ work, though. Upwork. Another marketplace for freelancers. We’ve found web experts, bookkeepers, marketing consultants, and more on this site. 99 Designs. Another option for on-demand graphic artists, whether you’re creating a new product logo or looking for a designer for a book cover for your new lead magnet. Great Branding Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum


If your business utilizes the help of freelance workers, Upwork makes finding and hiring the right contractors for your business easy. Feel confident about your freelance hires with UpWork’s rating and reference system that gives you a clear picture of the skill and background of potential hires. Whether you need web designers or content writers — UpWork is where you will find people to help grow your business.

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Having competitors is a good thing as it shows there’s a market, but if there are too many, you’re likely to struggle without a really good USP.

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