Kartra costs at least $99/month while GroovePages costs $0 (PRO is one time payment starting at $1,397 only). But with Kartra, everything is out of BETA and usable.


You don’t want a logo to be embarrassing, and you don’t want a logo that drives people away, but for most smaller brands — this shouldn’t be rocket science.
You set up your own products on Groove Sell and then you have the option to set up an affiliate program for it right off the bat. .


Create lead generating quizzes and questionnaires that’s comparable to LeadQuizzes
Whether you choose to enter the market with the back-to-school sales season or the big holiday sales season, you must optimize your website at least 30 days before any shopping season begins.


The cost to start an online business can be from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on the type of business you want to start. Cost of registering a domain name for your business – $15 per year (some hosting providers give this for free). Cost of setting up a WordPress blog – It can be as low as $2.75 per month including domain registration. Cost of a professional WordPress theme – around $100 to get a professional and optimized theme. Cost of setting up a self-hosted eCommerce business (WordPress and WooCommerce) – You can get a theme for $100 or a custom-made website ($2000-$10000 depending on requirements and functionality). Cost of setting up a self-hosted eCommerce business (Shopify) – $29 – $299 per month (depending on the size of your store).
Which is why I created these extra bonuses as a thank you for signing up through the links on this page:


It is a very easy to use drag and drop funnel page builder for internet marketers. It's been developed to help all kinds of businesses and online marketers create ultra-professional websites by using the most up to date state of the art technology to simplify all internet marketing needs. If you want to create sales funnels that convert, websites that attract, or landing pages that build lists, then Groove Pages is a great cloud based software you must investigate.














Free with limited featuresPaid plans start from Plus ($49/month), Business ($849/month).

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    It doesn’t matter whether your meeting is in person at an office – something most all of us still have to do even though we’re working remotely – or it’s a video conference call, having a scheduling system that works for you is essential.

    With social media as one of the most powerful tools available to small businesses, managing your business’s social network channels through an app like Hootsuite saves you valuable time and makes social media marketing a snap. This app keeps 5 to 35 of your social media platforms in one place (depending on the plan you choose), making monitoring and interacting customer interactions easy and fast.
    Both platforms have online communities on Facebook from where you can seek help and guidance from fellow users. These groups are helpful as they offer practical advice on issues.

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    This offer is no longer available and access to unlimited version of GroovePages is on the Pro Plan.

    This isn’t ideal if you’re trying to promote several things at once, so what now?
    However, I will be talking about many of the perks that come along with the left section as well.

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    You will be expected to pay estimated taxes on what you plan to earn in the current business year. Typically, you will need to pay estimated taxes in April, June, September and January (of the following year). 3 Renew Business Permits and Licenses

    Partly, but they are so much more. A funnel is a carefully constructed sales journey your customer or prospect follows which motivates them to purchase one or more of your offers.
    Currently, they suggest the following items worthy of your investigation for selling online: Women's fashion Art supplies Makeup & cosmetics Camping equipment Socks Kitchen supplies T-shirts Kids fashion Men's fashion Fitness trackers Headphones Tea Purses & handbags Candles Beach towels & toys Watches Jewelry Lip balm LED sneakers Bracelets Bluetooth speakers Cell phone cases Coffee Bath bombs Yoga products Enamel pins Ideas from eCommerce CEO

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    This is a very comprehensive real-time social media monitoring application. It’s designed to conveniently cross platforms and allow you to know what’s trending throughout the entire internet at any given moment.

    Use my sales funnel planning workbook to build simple yet seriously effective sales funnels that convert leads into sales – in 5 simple steps!
    In this section, I’ll run you through the pros and cons of dropshipping versus holding your own products so you can make an informed decision on the best choice for you. You don’t need capital to purchase your items You can list more items on your ecommerce store, at zero risk No warehousing costs No picking and packing activities

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe disruptions to the world of work as we know it. Organizations are forced to look for ways to empower their employees to be their best remote selves through using technology, and, on the other hand, software providers are stepping up and offering their help where they can. Digital transformation is being fast-tracked even in many companies who have resisted it until now.


It allows users to not only create and share documents, but it also utilizes free Google apps like Google Docs, and Google Sheets so that you can create just about anything you’d like and save it in your Google Drive.


This next super bonus will save you a ton of time, effort, and money because you don’t need to build funnels yourself. Let me show you what I mean.

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